Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A little up dateand a new cake photo

We are really struggling these past few days. Unemployment check has not hit the bank yet, it was due in on Thursday and the house payment was due on Monday, hopefully it will come soon. I do get paid on Friday but it is not enough to cover the house payment.

We went on a 4H bus trip yesterday to Duluth, MN. It was really fun and nice to put our cares aside for one day. My parents paid for the trip and gave me cash for meals. While in Duluth we toured the William Irvin ship, went to Imax and the Lake Superior Zoo. All of the places were very educational and exciting for our family. It did however start raining while we were at the zoo, so we only got to enjoy half of it.

Here is a photo of a cake I made for my niece's birthday.

Tomorrow I go to the VA hospital to the MOVE clinic, I am going to speak with a dietitian and a nurse. I am hoping they can give me some info on weight loss.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

in a funk-update

I am in my own little funk.

I am having doubts about this entire medical transcription thing, I am doing. All these long ass terms are kicking my butt. and seems like I never have time to study. I am 42% done with the courses and my average is 92%.

Job-wise I love my new job, I like working in the kitchen and the gals I work with and it will be nearly full time from mid aug-nov, so I will love that.

DH is talking about going to truck driving school, which is NOT ideal but we are getting to the point where things really, REALLY HAVE to change. A new class starts up every 4 weeks so he is thinking of going in mid Sept-mid Oct. The boys are back in school, I will be working a lot and not needing day care.

While we are not late on any bills, things are slipping, only one 1/2 way decent vehicle, everything needing to be replaced or fixed around the house.

So that is that! Sorry to rant. I am really trying to put on my big girl panties and deal with it. We have a safe, (pretty) secure home, wonderful marriage and delightful boys. I am trying to stay fulfilled by my spiritual readings, because there is a reason for everything, even if we don't understand them now.