Monday, May 31, 2010

Johnny Cash - Ragged Old Flag

I had never seen this before, it made me weep. I am proud to be American, and also proud to have served my country for 8 years. Happy Memorial Day. Be sure to remember all those who gave their lives for your freedoms.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

some how

I managed to ditch the Santa boarders, still not sure how but I am glad they are gone :) Today I got to see my one and only niece graduate, I am so very proud of her and happy for her. She worked very hard for this occasion, she not only conquered the trials and tribulations of every teenager, but she graduated 9.5 months pregnant. So I am very proud of her determination and strength!

Also I quickly visited two graduation parties, and took my boys swimming and had planned to sleep in the camper, but we were rained out :( but we just started summer on Friday, officially.

I am going to try to post here on a more regular basis. I quit and offically done with my time suck job, so I should have time do it.
More soon.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today I am thankful for..........

Today I got some news that freaked me out, but I also had so much to be thankful for!!

On ONE trip to town I was able to:
walk my Kindergarten to his class, he was so proud to read me his favorite CAT book and show me all his hard work.
spend the day with my 4th grader on an ALLLLLLLL day field trip to one of the coolest places ever.
I sneaked in a quick but very productive grocery shopping trip that will help get us through the next two weeks
and a little trip to Vinny's and bought Noah a make believe cat carrier, his is totally nuts about cats and when we borrowed one to bring Kittu to the vet months ago, he was so said that we had to give it back, SO now he has his own for a quarter
OH and was able to drive two of the cutest little men home from school (something that I would do A LOT in yester years but not this year!)

:woot what a great day to be a MOM :swoon