Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer is half over :(

While the weather in the UP has been very chilly compared to past years, we have had a pretty fun summer so far! My oldest DS and I just got back from 4H camp. While it was completely exhausting, it was the BEST!! Both of us promised to return next year. We also have a few more fun things scheduled. But also got back on track with our semi-homeschooling summer plans.

My DH is still unemployed, but we may have some good news lurking in the near future. If you could send good thoughts or prayers our way, it sure would be appreciated. He has been busy collecting the winter's wood and fishing. Although we have had NO fish dinners lately, we sure should stay warm all winter. He has also kept himself busy by planting a small garden. His next project is to build on the the chicken coop, as the babies are nearly ready to be evicted from the basement. I am sick of the "barnyard" smell in the basement!

The boys have been busy also this summer. The oldest is done with summer school and 4H camp. The youngest enjoyed three whole days of uninterrupted Daddy time. Next on the schedule for the entire family is a full day for a 4H fun trip and VBS early next month.

I have been busy gaining about 20 pounds back over the last 3-4 months, so I am on diet mode AGAIN!! Trying to eat more fruits and veggies and watching portion control.

I also have a new hint for the YouData program. I just took a bunch of little surveys about me, to inform them of the ads that would interest me. I made 85 cents TODAY, and had been only making 12-25 cents a week previously! Here is my referral link if your interested in YouData

I hope to start posting more regularly. Thanks for reading!!