Thursday, May 28, 2009

so I failed again!

so sorry if anyone even reads this! My DH got laided off one month ago to the day. So things have changed and changed a lot. He is looking for work but of course there is none to be had, we are not in total panic mode yet.

I got myself a little part time job cleaning a house for some one I know. I hope to expand the hours as we go. I have also started taking a few cake orders from friends and family, in hopes to raise a few bucks.

I have done pretty well with my pantry challenge, but have not post the details, sorry. I have applied for medicaid, and food stamps also so that may be another route of writing for me. I surely am glad that we are not starving because i has been a good 3 weeks since I applied and no word yet.

I am also taking a course to become a medical transcriptionist starting about 2 weeks ago as well so lots of news from here.

OH also we 'won' ok, well the kids won two gold fish last night so they are our household new creatures. We orders 6 baby chickens today also, so I am excited to have new babies on the property!!

that is about it for now.