Sunday, February 22, 2009

Free cheese!

WOOT! I love cheese and if it is free it is for me. I have never had Ile de France Cheese but I totally can't wait to try it. My oldest son and I could live on cheese and nothing else, but maybe something to put it on, like crackers or bread ;)

check it out here:

Menu Monday for the last week of Feb 2009

Well, I am going to try to post more often. And more then just my menus. It is a yucky cold snowy day so I am all about planning today :)

Sunday - Pork tenderloin, potatoes and carrots in the CP
Monday Chicken Encliladas from campbell's soup website
Tuesday soup and quessdillas
Wednesday cheesey chicken and rice in the CP
Thursday tuna dish-need to find the recipe again
Friday - is always HM pizza night.
Saturday TBA

If you want to see more Monday menus go to

Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu Monday for the first week of February 2009!

First of all I can NOT believe it is February 2009 already, where did the last 15 years go? I am very inspired to get and stay frugal this month. I have a nice trip planned during the summer for the boys and I if I can swing it so I will use that as my motivation :)

so here we go:
Monday will be Hamburger Helper strognoff with veggies and hm rolls.
Tuesday will be BK 59 cent burgers, we will be inbetween activities and 20 miles from home.
Wednesday - HM chicken tenders and salad
Thursday-hotdogs we will be getting home late from our 4H meeting.
Friday- HM pizza
Saturday will be steak, baked potatoes with salad
Sunday will be CPed ham

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