Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 8-11


Lets see it has been a while

Monday, Tuesday, were both no driving or spending days.

Wednesday, I noticed that I did some wrong math in my checking accounting account and I was $13 in the hole, I dont have my two accounts linked via the internet and had to run to town But I deposited money before anything bounced so what I saved in over draft fees, I used on gas. While in town I bought some oil for the chainsaw, and stray for the chicken coop. Other then that $7 I didnt spend anything.

Thursday I will run to town for a 4H leaders meeting and combine grocery shopping.

We did decide to skip camping this weekend. The transition back to school has been very rough on all of us. So we will be able to get a load of wood and enjoy some family time. Plus save all about $40 on camping fees

All food has been at home and from scratch. Today I am going to do up a batch of pizza roll ups and pancakes for the freezer. THey will be used as quick dinners for the kids and after schoool snacks.

We also decided that we are going to get Joel in to tutoring one day a week afterschool. Which will mean a trip to town a week but will be benifical in the long run for him

Weekend up date. Sept 6&7

Weekend up date.

Saturday the kids and I stayed home so no money spent. DH went fishing and brought home a boatload of fish for the freezer

Sunday we to church, the Sunday school. The we had a potluck birthday party. The gas it took was in the budget. I dropped off somethings for my mom and she had a few things for me. The birthday party was fun, nice to see every one.

We stopped by Shopko while we were in town, returned a pair of shoes Joel decided he didnt like. He picked out a new pair, got a pair of shoes for Noah. ALso a few extra 39 cent note books and candy for at the fall harvestfest next weekend, we will have trick or treaters. After I returned the shoes, I only spent an additional $7.

Friday report

Today, I had a pretty spendy day but it was ok too. YKWIM? So I went to town to do some shopping: $43 at the grocery ($2o was adult drinks) $28 at family $, $11+ at St Vinneys, $38 at the gas station, $26 for my coop boxes.

I did spend more then normal at St vinnys the thrift store , but they had a bag sale for $2 I got 2 NICE shirts for DH, 5 pairs of shorts for Joel, 2 shorts for Noah, 3 shirts for Joel and 1 for Noah. Then I got two in the box new gifties for the kids for Christmas and a blender. all for $11.

The blender I will use on a weekly at least basis. AND I made 6 quarts of apple sauce with it already today

I traded a SIL a bucket of apples for a big tommato, about 12 cherry tommatos, 3 funky big about 18inches long and one 1 wide cukes(she said get over the looks they taste great!)

all in all a spendy day but I got some great deals and nothing to wastey I did pack all foods eaten on the run, no fast food. Tonight we are making HM pizza, 3 instead of the usual 2 but we are feeding DH's cousin which will go fishing with DH early bird tommorw and help him get a load of free wood, so I will gladly feed him!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sept 3&4 update

OK, lets see, yesterday I got an emergency call from the school saying Joel puked on the bus. So I had to go get him. I did spend $35 on gas while in town but I was nearly on empty and it is 18 cents cheaper in town.

Today I did spent $5 from my paypal account for Christmas presents for Joel, but I did have the cash in there from payment from a survey company.

those are my two spending money tales, other then that. I have spent NO money or wasted anything. All meals have been planned and from scratch.

Yesterday, I wanted to make a recipe that called for a cream of something soup-normally I would have hoped in the car to go buy one. I had some brocoli that needed to be used up, so I made cream of brocoli soup to use in the recipe. I also froze half the soup for the next time I want to make the same recipe.

I baked all bread and snacks.

Today is my parents annivasary. Normally I would have taken them out to dinner. But Knowing I dont have the cash to spend and knowing that my DH would be in the area of their home. I made up a nice romantic picnic basket which included soup and hm dinner rolls, a bottle of wine they like and a tiny annivasary cake, all of which I had here so I got to do something special for them and it cost nothing out of pocket

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Update #1

Update #1
It is only the second day but we are doing really well. Noah and I had leftovers for lunch from dinner last night so no food wasted.

It was 87 degrees for two days, I swleter in that type of heat but we did NOT put the AC in the window. I kept the shades on the sunny side of the house closed. TG it is going to cooling off for a high of 67 tommorow, more my type of day

Two no spend/no drive days. I have two ink cartridges packaged and ready to be sent back to the places, as they dont work. refund will be over $75 and I will get the name brand ones, a few years ago I would have pitched them before I would never ever consider callling to enquire about returning them. They even mailed me shipping labels.

I have done all my points and click thurs

Monday, September 1, 2008

It is time for Menu Plan Monday hosted by

Not sure I added that button correctly or not.

Monday-DH and I are going to have a 'special' dinner after the kiddos are in bed inspired by A Year of Crockpoting blog Although I am going to use brocilli instead of corn.
Kids are going to work on that pot of soup from the weekend with HM biscuits.

Tuesday-First day of school-DS requested boxed Mac & Cheese, we will also have hotdogs and carrot sticks.

Wednesday- soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on HM bread.

Thursday- BBQ Riblet sandwiches and something, not sure what for a side yet.

Friday is Family Fun night-HM pizza, and a movie

Saturday-shrimp and onion rings.

Sunday going to a potluck birthday party.

See everyone next week.