Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My baby is 14 and a few Good Deals

Yesterday was my youngest son's fourteenth birthday. My husband and I took him for a special birthday weekend. We went to Escanaba, Michigan to spend the night. We like to spend the night in a hotel room to take advantage of the pool. Noah and I both love to swim. But I must confess, we were both disappointed, the water was so cold, we were unable to enjoy it. The pool room was so crowded, just full of rude people, loud and splashing in the face. I do not like to be splashed in the face! On Sunday we went to Tundra Lodge in Green Bay, Wisconson. I must say we love the indoor water parks in the dead of winter. We love the lazy river, just leisurely floating downstream. The huge water slides are pretty impressive as well. We did decide, however, our little family has outgrown Tundra Lodge. Every time I saw Noah, he was sitting in a chair and looking bored.
We took our birthday boy to Olive Garden for lunch, we ended up getting never ending Lasagna. He loved the food, which we knew he would. He was treated like a king, being a birthday boy. We took our salad/soup home and took home enough leftovers for an entire other meal.
I did do a round up of my coupons before we left town. We live in a very rural area, so when I leave, I make sure I am prepared. I used my free fun size body wash coupon at Bath and body works. I chose Pink Cashmere scent, the price tag says $5 after the coupon it was free.
My favorite deal was from JCPenny. I got a coupon for $10 off a $10 purchase in the jewelry or home department. It has been years since we bought new pillows, so that is where I was headed first. I found a box of pillows that said the second pillow for one cent. There was no price for the first one, but I grabbed two of them that felt perfect and asked the clerk to scan them. They rang up $12 each, so with the sale the total was $12.01. The clerk did not know about the deal, and was amazed at the good price, until I handed him my $10 coupon, then scanned it and said, "Do you know you are going to pay $2.13 including tax for these two great pillows?" My comment was "Yep, I am working it, today!" I walked out of the store with my head held high. It completely made my day.
What deals have you got recently?

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