Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting a handle on my daughter's accessories

Guest post written by Em Morgan
I know that it's good for our budget that my daughter mainly gets all of her things from thrift stores because she's a little fashionista. But that doesn't' mean that the sheer size of her collection of clothing and accessories is a problem. That especially goes for her accessories. There are just so many of them and she's really run out of room for all of them. So I told her that we need to figure out some way to organize them during her spring break.
She said that would be fine if that meant that she didn't have to get rid of any of her stuff, but I think I might still make her get rid of the stuff she never wears any more. I looked up some handy accessories organizational tips for my daughter and while I was looking around, I read some debt counseling information and after I did that I decided to try and get some counseling for our family's finances.
I'm buying a few different plastic bins to use to store all of her stuff. I'm also sending her back to her dorm with some of them too so she can keep her stuff there organized.

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