Thursday, December 22, 2011

December in review

It has been a fun filled crazy busy month. But now all of our holiday obligations are over, now it is time to sit at home enjoying the beauty of the season. The boys and I will do a bunch of baking, our gingerbread houses and puzzles.
But this is suppose to be about what we  have already done. Our 4H group sold candy bars at the craft  bazaar.
We had our Sunday school program

We went to Joel's first band concert.

We put up our tree-our family's first real Christmas tree. It is a new tradition that we plan to keep. The smell is just amazing.  They really are having fun. We were 'trying' to encourage a natural look instead of the forced smiles that appear very often in our photos.

We also had a bit of mischievousness

that is what is happening here in a nut shell.

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