Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Posted by Virgil Burks
We looked into clear 4g reviews and ended up upgrading our service. I have learned about this great new website that has really sparked my interest. It is called Miller’s Antiques. I love antiques and often buy, sell, and trade. When people ask me what I collect , I tell them anything and everything old. Of course, I have some of my favorite things like estate jewelry, china, and vintage linens, but I also like a lot of other things. The cool thing about this website is that it has a free huge glossary with thousands of entries. Anything that you want to know about antiques you can find on the sites. Over the last couple of days, I have been making an effort to start reading through it. I haven’t even made it through the “A’s” yet, but I have learned a lot already. I told my parents about the site. The have started using it and like it to. It is really broadening my knowledge base about antiques. I feel like a much more confident collector now!

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