Monday, November 21, 2011

Keeping a Happy Marriage

Marriage is hard work, but it should be fun at times also, Dave and I try to have a 'date night' occasionally. We have had to keep our minds open to different types of dates. Sometimes we are lucky to have my parents babysit and we can go out to dinner. Or we have the boys eat in front of the TV in the living room while we watch a movie for a more adult audience in the bedroom with finger foods for dinner.

I am in the planning stage of our next date night and doing so within a small budget. When I purchase items I want to be sure that we both enjoy it and it is reusable. I am planning to do a video on demand from Netflix. We are going to watch a movie in the bedroom with the lights off and a candle lit. I might purchase this candle. Amorous massage candle – massage candle  
 I have always enjoyed candles and always relax with a new scent in the air. And it is a massage candle, we can help each other relax.

I like to explore different websites on line, I often find things you would not expect to find on certain website. the adult toy store is one of those sights. I love searching through their collection of candles.  I love the fragrance of orchids.  


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