Friday, November 4, 2011

Confession of a food hoarder-joking!

OK, many of my online friends have heard me say this before and again it is true - "I have so much food in this house it is nuts!" But what is different THIS time, I am going to post photos of the goods before and after a challenge! So from this day forward the challenge to myself is NOT purchasing ANY food goods, HHGs or pet supplies until we really, really need them. Except Thanksgiving dinner things, ie, I have no turkey or potatoes. The beginning of this challenge is RIGHT now. and the end is the 10th of December, that way I can still do some shopping for holiday baking and gifts.

Before photos:
a sideways view of my messy pantry!

A view of my downstairs storage area.

my baking and spice storage area.

sideways view of the messy fridge.

messy overstuffed over the fridge freezer.

the wood pile that is in the house so far, more will be added to this one.

our deep freeze.

Ok, I will be purchasing fresh produce and dairy items but using down the supply of food that we do have here as much as possible.

IF you want to do a similar type of challenge please feel free to comment with a link to your photo posts or root me on.

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Honeybunny said...

Thanks for the photo's of the pantry. I love them so . good luck on your challange