Thursday, October 20, 2011


Guest post written by my buddy Keith Kramer

After I spent a week last summer at my grandmothers house, I encouraged her to look into direct tv deals. I love my grandmother and always have a great time with her, but because of medical problems she can’t walk around for long periods of time. We used to love to go shopping, but now she gets tired easily. We ended up staying at home and working around the house most of the time. In the evenings, after dinner, we watched some television. Grandma has basic cable. I really just don’t think that she knows what she is missing. With as much time as she spends at home at night, I think that she would really enjoy watching some of the specialty networks. I also think that she would really like to watch some movies. I would definitely like to stay at her house in the evenings more. Watching the news all night was getting a little boring! I even had to miss the Kate and PIppa biography on E! that I was really looking forward to seeing

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