Sunday, October 9, 2011

A General Update

We are doing really well, busy but OMG busy! I am working in the kitchen, I still love my job, and wish it was more then just the 14 week semester. I love that gals that I work with, BUT there is a new girl this year and she is causing a LOT of turmoil. I think she will not be around for long. I have gotten over time for the past couple of weeks emoticon

David's job is still ok, loads and loads of over time. We just ordered 5 cord of wood and propane and have the $$ to pay for it, which you know is a plus. All we need now is new tires for the truck and we will be set for the winter.

Joel is active in band this year and loving it. He even had fun at the mandatory fundraiser last weekend. They are selling fruit now. He seems to be enjoying 6th grade. He has learned to stand up to his best friend that is a PITA. Also starting to hang out with other boys, which I am very thankful for.

Noah is still a struggling reader, but enjoying the extra help Ms. P gives him everyday. She is a super sweet person, and they really click together. He does not play with many children on the playground which is typical for a kid on the spectrum. But he includes ALL of his class mates as friends so there is a special connection there.

I think that is an update on everyone but me. I am enjoying work, and prepping for a long winter's sleep. I am determined to finally finish that stinking course I signed up for almost 3 years ago, and will be paid in full. I will get laid off just after Christmas and will have 5 months until the boys get out of school, which should be enough time.

I have also decided to take loosing weight a bit more seriously. I am so sick of not liking who I am or what I look like. I spoke with my doctor and decided on a program that we think will help me. I will post about that as I progress in the program.

So all in all a good update from here emoticon

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Honeybunny said...

Thanks for the update. congrats onthe propane,and wood. that is huge. just huge. I am very happy for you.You are amazing!!!!!