Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Staycation Day #1 Roadtrip

We love summer time with the great warm weather we are having. We would so love to go on a real vacation, but instead we have resorted to day long trips and excursions this year. We were all in the mood for a day trip to Copper Harbor, MI. If you have never been there, go! It is one of my very favorite small towns in the world. Copper harbor is about 2 hours from where we live. We stopped at every little site seeing opportunity along the way.

This is a snow-o-meter measuring the local area's record breaking snow fall in one year 390.4 inches. Can you imagine!? It still snows a lot up here but I am glad I have never seen that much snow.

Our next stop was at Fort Wilkins' State Park. There is a ton of history at this fort. My boys really enjoyed seeing how and where the soldiers of that time lived and worked.

Joel setting off the cannon.

Noah shopping getting supplies for making cookies, he is my cookie monster!!

The ammo depot.

Then to Mount Brockway, it sure does look like a far way down.

Then to the beach for some stick and stone throwing.

After all the walking, working and learning, we had a much needed picnic. Then we started the ride. I think we wore them out because not two words came from the back seat, only snores.

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