Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chickens, chickens and yet more chickens

About 2 years ago, my cousin's kingerten class she was teaching, hatched eggs. They were so cute but grew and grew and GREW. Lisa lives with in the city limits so she had to find a home for her babies. We invited them in our home coop with open arms. Well, it has been quite the learning process with these three additions to our flock. They are bantam Ameraucanas and the go broody in a drop of a hat. With that said, I have baby chickens again, they are the cutest little things and the females are such good mamas!

Here is Rita and her five offspring. See the little ones peeping out.
We have about 28 chickens right now, with 10 that are hens and old enough to lay. We get on average 9 eggs a day. I have two regular buyers for $2.50 a dozen, which goes for feed.

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