Saturday, July 16, 2011

Today's frugal adventures

The boys and I just got back from 4H camp. I just so happen to work in the same place that 4H camp takes place. So I get to cook for all the 4H campers, see my boys at meal times and get paid while doing so. I got in over 43 work hours in the course of three day, then I volunteered to spend the night. The first night we dealt with a few home-sick campers, the second night I was too tired to deal with any thing else then my own kids and sleep. The boys both had great times at camp and it was all well worth it.

We arrived back at home late on Wednesday night, we laid low and rested for the rest of the week. Now that I am rested up, I am starting to attack some household projects. The first thing that had to be done was bathing the dogs. I am very thankful that our one dog is very mild mannered and tiny.

Now she smells much better and looks like the pretty little fluff ball she is meant to be. The last time we took her to be groomed cost us $45, so I think of it as saving of $90 with bathing both dogs here at home.

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