Friday, July 8, 2011

Today I worked for a few hours, with my most fave gal pals, they are so good for my soul AND I get paid to spend time with them. As promised, I took the boys to the beach in return for Joel watching Noah for a few hours(while I worked) drinks and snacks all from home.

The boys getting ready to enjoy the beach.

My boys and I.
Me, enjoying the sun at the beach with a good read, a free book.
Noah enjoying the water, before we went to the beach, I warned the boys about going out too deep into the water.
The real story about the the depth of the water
My favorite moment of the day.
Then we came in (instead of going out) for pizza for dinner.

I have frugal day planned for tomorrow, Lowes is having a Build and Grow workshop for the kids and they are making tow trucks and you all know I have TWO tow truck wannabees here in my house, so it just seemed like a given that we'd go.

Did I mention that these workshops are free and start at 10am?

I arranged for two mystery shopings in the same town. and "bought" two coupons from recylebank for MccyDs if you purchase a salad you get a free kids meal. My mom is driving. We are going to bring swim suits just in-case the water calls to the boys.

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