Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Frugal July Update

We are sticking to the plan! No extra trips with the cars anywhere. No drier usage at all, I have even been hanging out socks and underwear on the line. I usually give myself permission to splurge in the area, so that is huge for me.

The plan to get in 40 hours a week is just now working out as I thought it would. I am getting more hours then in the last 6 months, but due to unpreparedness on other people's parts it just is not happening. I may be getting more hours as we all work together and get our acts together as a team, the season is young so there is hope. I am submitting time sheets to both jobs with more hours then usual, so I am looking at it as a victory in that aspect.

I was able to make payments in full to two bills that had sent me bills with the same amount on them two months in a row. That is also a small victory.

My oldest son is spending time with my parents this week. We have been trying to do a few extra special things with the youngest without spending money. So far we have, taken a hike and brought our lunch packed from home. He loved spending alone time with BOTH parents. He and I also did some baking together.

So that is the update: celebrating small victories that help win the war.

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