Friday, May 27, 2011

Frugal Fun Friday May 27, 2011

It was the last day of school, today YAYYYEEE!!! I am so excited about 3 months with my most favorite people in the entire world. If that was not enough fun for a Friday!

My 8 year old has been very fasinated with the hammer for the past few days. So, I have put on my thinking cap to find safe fun things for him to hit with the hammer. ICE!!!

You need: a hammer, saftey googles and ice, lots and lots of ice.

This is Noah very happy to demonstrate.

Even the nearly 12 year old got into distroying the ice with the hammer.

Noah my hammerer little dude.

Each child got this much ice to distroy, let me tell you that next time these bowls will be FULL. You should have heard how hard they worked and giggled. They loved it.

Here is another last Friday's frugal adventure: Sight seeing a place that we usually cruise past at least 4 times a month but never stopped.

This is right outside Chassell, MI. Not sure what the name of the place is but it is a lookout on to the wet lands. You can see for miles, it seems, when you climb the stairs to the look out.

My boys were amazed at the pretty plants we could see and all the birds. All the stop costed was a few minutes. Next time we stop we will walk the board walk and bring a picnic lunch.

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