Monday, April 4, 2011

Menu Plan Monday and a few odds and end things


I feel so refreshed after this weekend/spring vacation, after all I got to spend my time with my three favorite guys, which always does my soul good. We took a night away from the rest of the world on Friday. I booked a room at a local resort - hotel casino about 20 miles from here. We swam and sat in the hot tub for hours. I put $50 in our spring break vacation fund. By Thursday night I had not spend one dollar, and I knew the hotel had a special going on. So for $46.35 we got our room, and each adult got a casino package($5 cash to play the slots, and a free drink coupon). We all enjoyed the pool and hot tub. But as a special bonus - DH and I had a "free little date!" After the littlest was fast asleep, we had Joel practice calling the cell phone from the room, just in-case he needed us. We turned the TV on for him. DH and I went to play our $5 each in the slots and had a drink together. It has been years since we were able to do such a simple thing, but we sure enjoyed it. Good thing for the bonus $5 that came with the room, normally we are to frugal to waste $5 each and to pay for a drink.

So, anyhow, I have rambled about how relaxed I am......I am ready for the Slim Down for Summer Fitness Challenge that Michelle at Fun on a Dime is hosting.

I have a plan for food for the week
Monday- Beef rice soup(leftovers from Sundays roast)
Tuesday - Pizza pockets-something new
Wednesday - Chicken something
Thursday - not sure yet
Friday - Homemade pizza
Saturday - At a niece's birthday party
Sunday - Enchiladas

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Honeybunny said...

Glad your weekend away was good for your soul. Sometimes it helps just to get away from life.