Friday, April 15, 2011

Frugal Fun Fridays - Simple Celebrations


Fun On A Dime

So today was just a normal sort of day, until the boys got off the bus. That is when Noah announced that he received all stars through out the day and was even picked Student Of the Week!!! YIIPPEE!!! I am so proud of my youngest little ball of energy. As a special reward, he will be featured on the bulletin board at school, leader in line ALL week and he gets to read a special story to the principal. He is so proud of himself and this is a HUGE step for my little ball of energy so we are playing up as much as we can. We went to get ice cream of choice from the corner store as a snack. We had pizza for dinner and tv fest on netflix and a slumber party in the living room all in celebration.

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Honeybunny said...

That is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats !!!! I bet he was just beaming!!!