Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Works for me Wednesday

Dining With Debbie

I often fix my boys cold cereal for breakfast and while there is nothing wrong with cereal once in a while, it has become a norm the last few weeks. I do not have a morning type personality, and I have to face the fact that I am not perfect and am not going to fix a hot breakfast from scratch at 6:00am every morning. SOOOO what I have found that works for me and my hungry as soon as their feet hit the floor family of men is freezer cooking. Today I made up a big batch of french toast and froze them. I used home made bread and our home grown eggs. I know the exact ingredients that went it to them and they will be hot and yummy when the boys off all ages eat them.

It is very easy to make the egg batter up. Use your regular ingredients and dip and cook method. Then I let them cool and freeze in a single layer on cookie sheets for about 2 hours then put them back into the bread wrappers to store in the freezer.

To serve I pop them into the toaster, and serve with favorite toppings. A feel good homemade yummy hot breakfast even by a night owl mother.

Just for bonus points we are having breakfast for dinner - French toast.

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