Friday, March 25, 2011

My Frugal adventures this week


My Frugal adventures this week include the first letterboxing adventure of the season. The boys and I had a trip to town planned and about 45 minutes in between scheduled events so I was looking for something frugal to do with our time. I found a new letterbox was planted in November 2010 that we had not found. So I printed the clues out and we hunted for it, but never did find it. But being as it was only 27 degrees, I do not feel to badly about it. We will return with a compass in the warmer weather.

Also, I needed a babysitter last night for only about an hour. I called my sister-in-law that just loves our fresh eggs. I asked if she would watch the boys for an hour in exchange for the eggs and new playmates for her girls for the hour. She said yes, her girls were getting a bit restless so it was a win-win situation.


Honeybunny said...

Hi, how was the letterboxing, was it hard?

gwenma said...

Honeybunny, thanks for stopping by my blog, always nice to have new visitors. Letterboxing is great fun. I go to the to find new ones that are hidden in our area.