Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011

Hi all, we are enjoying our spring break We have a 4H meeting in a little bit, we are eating pizza and making mosaic tiles. Not sure how many will be there, I could only get a hold of one other parent. So maybe it will be a low-key meeting, but also hard to plan for.

Tomorrow is a 4H workshop day ALL day. Joel is going to make a book:write, illustrate it, type it up and learn how to bind it. Then digital photography. Noah and I are sticking together: Wooden toys, fondue cooking, Easter Crafts, cool candles. then we will all be together for cooper tooling. It will be a fun, fun day. And I am not in charge so I can have fun too

No evening plans, but we have been having lots of outside time. It is starting to feel like spring, finally.


Honeybunny said...

Oh that sounds like fun. Please share any craft ideas you have.Hope you have a great day!! Gisele

gwenma said...

Honeybunny, I will share a load of great craft ideas that we learned. But my name is not Gisele. :)

Honeybunny said...

lol, yea, but I figured it would freak you out to have randon people, with weird user names post. So I would let you know who I was...lol

gwenma said...

nope, :) I know where I know you from, it is all good. Nice to see you