Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Zero Food Waste Challenge

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I am about a week late or a day early depending on how you look at things. I am joining the Zero Food Waste Challenge hosted by pennilessparenting, and I am so excited. I have been practicing no food wasting for some time now, but happy to have found a place where this type of idea is common. My closest friends in real life look at me like I am nuts when I recycle food into other meals. It is so common now-a-days to pitch everything that is not eaten at a meal time.

I will post my last week's effort, after I tell a bit about my situation. We are pretty broke, but living well, due to frugalness in most areas of live. My DH just got a full time job after 18 months of unemployment. His job come with good points and bad points. It is wonderful that is he employed and will be getting full time hours with benefits. The bad news is that he was maxing his unemployment benefits and taking the job he will be losing about $250 a month, but a job is a job and unemployment can't last forever.

So after that long winded story, I work in a kitchen feeding 40 students two meals a day. Occasionally, we are given a chance to take home leftovers. Last week I took home 3 pounds of pulled BBQ Pork, 4 pounds of swedish meatballs with mushroom gravy, and 4 pounds of meatloaf.

Here is what I made with the meatloaf, one meal of meatloaf, one big pot of chili, and a taco pie. I froze the meatballs and the bbq pork.

Oh and BTW, I only work from Aug to Nov, so the leftover wagon train is over. :(

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