Thursday, September 2, 2010

Well, I have not stuck to my meal plan at all!

Life has handed us a curve ball this week. an out of town friend of DH's extended his stay in the area, so I did not stick to the plan at all, but no meals out but one, and my parents bought it.

Tonight, I fixed a new recipe for dinner, Creamy Mac and Cheese I served it with chicken and cucumber slices. My family LOVED it, thank you Laura for a great, healthy recipe. My family didn't even notice that it was whole wheat pasta. It was my first time cooking it, as I am trying to get healthy and avoiding the "white" foods.

I found out some news that just makes me sick to my stomach. A dear friend of mine was arrested for embezzling from her place of employment. Apparently she has a bad gambling problem as well. I am sick with the thought of theft but just heartbroken by the thoughts that as school starts her teenage daughters are going to be on the receiving end of such torment. We live in a very rural area and news spreads like wild fire. My prayers are with the family of this person.

Not sure of our plans for the Labor Day weekend. But, I did score a GC for a hotel room for the night for $50, that has a great pool, it is also about 2 miles from my parents house so it would include a ton of grandparent time for the two boys also.

That is all for now.

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