Saturday, December 19, 2009

Simple Saturday!

Hi all!
I have been working a lot of extra hours at the store, one of the girls took a few days off, so I will enjoy a bigger check next payday, TG. I am having a hard time coming up with the mortgage this month. Things are REALLY tight, but with no unplanned spending we will be able to make it within the ten day grace period!!

I went to town yesterday after work, I got a ton of groceries in the house which is a good feeling! I did go by a thrift store and bought two blouses for myself for a total of $1.57. and I bought a grab bag for $5. There was 4 left, toys and stuff they said. So I picked one of the two boy bags. I have a hard time buying things site unseen, but it turned out to be most excellent! There was a digital camera in it Joel asked for one from Santa, it is sealed in the package and with a $59 price tag on it from Walmart so everything else is bonus. There is also a watch set that DH will get. and a few other things I will pass on to MIL for gifts for her tribe of kids she has. I also plan to put a few things away for Noah's birthday in Feb!!

Other then that no new news from here we are staying home and enjoying each others company. The boys are playing the recorders which makes me twitch but they are having a ball and that is what is important.

I plan to have a crafting bonanza with the boys Sunday including baking 6 dozen cookies for my cookie exchange.

have a good safe weekend everyone!!

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