Monday, December 28, 2009

Money Savings Monday

I am having a Money savings Monday.
I have stayed home all day with no plans to leave the house, it is crappy weather out there anyhow.
All eating and cooking with food from home.
I hung a load of towels and a load of jeans to dry on the lines in the basement with a fire in the wood stove.
My DH is cooking a big turkey today, and all meals for the week will be planned around using it up. It is a 21 pound turkey and our family consists of 2 adults and two young boys.
I am clipping coupons from inserts my DMom saved for me.
My DH is changing the oil in the truck himself.
My DH is in charge of snow management today, saving a ton of money not hiring some one to do it.
My Dkidlets and I are going to make up some healthy snacks for the week, using food stuff we have already at the house.

I am thinking of hosting a Money Savings Monday here every week, but not sure how to go about the linky thing and how well it would go over, so if you have any advice, thoughts or ideas please leave a comment.

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