Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2 a little update

Last night I went coupon shopping. I got 3 free easy mac.
I went to a Tupperware party last night. I walked a way with so many freebies, I was giddy. I won a bingo game and won a great set of three bowls, then the little bowl for attending the party. Then I booked a party, so I got a tiny bowl key chain(so cute!) and a reusable shopping bag.

In the mail I got Aveeno and Dove shampoo and conditioner samples, they went right into the camper.

My boys have been lazing around so much lately, with DH home we have NO routine established, it is getting on my nerves a bit. But DH is going on a male bonding camping trip with his cousin :) After he leaves, the boys and I will do a couple lessons in math and about 30 minutes of reading. And finally turn off that darn tv!!

I made a big breakfast this morning of pancakes and sausages. I made a double batch of pancakes and threw about 30 pancakes in the freezer for later use. This is the only bit of OMACing I have done in a while. I am still going on my pantry challenge, since I have not heard from the food stamp office at all. I am sure thankful that I started with a loaded pantry and freezers or we would be hurting right now.

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