Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pantry challenge 4-28

Well it has been a few days,so I will update. On 4-26 we had to run our eldest son, age 9 to the walkin clinic 68 miles away, he had strep throat but feeling better. We stopped at taco bell, for a total of $5.98 for four people, over budget but not by much.

On Monday we had left overs of the chicken enchiladas(which were shit food btw!) for a total of $3+

Tuesday, my life changed a bit, my DH lost his job, downsized and his position was terminated. There was NO notice at all, we honestly thought we would never be in this position again, no income, no future legacy to pass on to our children. I hope and pray that we will be ok. He will get a severance package and unemployment but as a single income family, I am in complete panic mode!! and for the pantry challenge, now it looks REALLY important! We had hot dogs 88cents, buns $1.02 and baked beans $.92 for a total of $2.82. but NOT the most nutrious meal ever! but good comfort food.

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