Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weekend up date. Sept 6&7

Weekend up date.

Saturday the kids and I stayed home so no money spent. DH went fishing and brought home a boatload of fish for the freezer

Sunday we to church, the Sunday school. The we had a potluck birthday party. The gas it took was in the budget. I dropped off somethings for my mom and she had a few things for me. The birthday party was fun, nice to see every one.

We stopped by Shopko while we were in town, returned a pair of shoes Joel decided he didnt like. He picked out a new pair, got a pair of shoes for Noah. ALso a few extra 39 cent note books and candy for at the fall harvestfest next weekend, we will have trick or treaters. After I returned the shoes, I only spent an additional $7.

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