Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 8-11


Lets see it has been a while

Monday, Tuesday, were both no driving or spending days.

Wednesday, I noticed that I did some wrong math in my checking accounting account and I was $13 in the hole, I dont have my two accounts linked via the internet and had to run to town But I deposited money before anything bounced so what I saved in over draft fees, I used on gas. While in town I bought some oil for the chainsaw, and stray for the chicken coop. Other then that $7 I didnt spend anything.

Thursday I will run to town for a 4H leaders meeting and combine grocery shopping.

We did decide to skip camping this weekend. The transition back to school has been very rough on all of us. So we will be able to get a load of wood and enjoy some family time. Plus save all about $40 on camping fees

All food has been at home and from scratch. Today I am going to do up a batch of pizza roll ups and pancakes for the freezer. THey will be used as quick dinners for the kids and after schoool snacks.

We also decided that we are going to get Joel in to tutoring one day a week afterschool. Which will mean a trip to town a week but will be benifical in the long run for him

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