Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sept 3&4 update

OK, lets see, yesterday I got an emergency call from the school saying Joel puked on the bus. So I had to go get him. I did spend $35 on gas while in town but I was nearly on empty and it is 18 cents cheaper in town.

Today I did spent $5 from my paypal account for Christmas presents for Joel, but I did have the cash in there from payment from a survey company.

those are my two spending money tales, other then that. I have spent NO money or wasted anything. All meals have been planned and from scratch.

Yesterday, I wanted to make a recipe that called for a cream of something soup-normally I would have hoped in the car to go buy one. I had some brocoli that needed to be used up, so I made cream of brocoli soup to use in the recipe. I also froze half the soup for the next time I want to make the same recipe.

I baked all bread and snacks.

Today is my parents annivasary. Normally I would have taken them out to dinner. But Knowing I dont have the cash to spend and knowing that my DH would be in the area of their home. I made up a nice romantic picnic basket which included soup and hm dinner rolls, a bottle of wine they like and a tiny annivasary cake, all of which I had here so I got to do something special for them and it cost nothing out of pocket

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