Monday, September 1, 2008

It is time for Menu Plan Monday hosted by

Not sure I added that button correctly or not.

Monday-DH and I are going to have a 'special' dinner after the kiddos are in bed inspired by A Year of Crockpoting blog Although I am going to use brocilli instead of corn.
Kids are going to work on that pot of soup from the weekend with HM biscuits.

Tuesday-First day of school-DS requested boxed Mac & Cheese, we will also have hotdogs and carrot sticks.

Wednesday- soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on HM bread.

Thursday- BBQ Riblet sandwiches and something, not sure what for a side yet.

Friday is Family Fun night-HM pizza, and a movie

Saturday-shrimp and onion rings.

Sunday going to a potluck birthday party.

See everyone next week.

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