Thursday, September 11, 2008

Friday report

Today, I had a pretty spendy day but it was ok too. YKWIM? So I went to town to do some shopping: $43 at the grocery ($2o was adult drinks) $28 at family $, $11+ at St Vinneys, $38 at the gas station, $26 for my coop boxes.

I did spend more then normal at St vinnys the thrift store , but they had a bag sale for $2 I got 2 NICE shirts for DH, 5 pairs of shorts for Joel, 2 shorts for Noah, 3 shirts for Joel and 1 for Noah. Then I got two in the box new gifties for the kids for Christmas and a blender. all for $11.

The blender I will use on a weekly at least basis. AND I made 6 quarts of apple sauce with it already today

I traded a SIL a bucket of apples for a big tommato, about 12 cherry tommatos, 3 funky big about 18inches long and one 1 wide cukes(she said get over the looks they taste great!)

all in all a spendy day but I got some great deals and nothing to wastey I did pack all foods eaten on the run, no fast food. Tonight we are making HM pizza, 3 instead of the usual 2 but we are feeding DH's cousin which will go fishing with DH early bird tommorw and help him get a load of free wood, so I will gladly feed him!

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